[tex-live] ushyph.tex missing in TeXLive 2010?

Konstantin Ziegler konstantin.ziegler at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 19:33:12 CET 2010

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>> I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 and installed TeXLive 2010 according to the
>> instructions without error messages.  Unfortunately, already the first
>> test (latex small2e) failed.  The essential part of the error message
>> is:
>> ===========================================
>> Local configuration file hyphen.cfg used
>> ===========================================
>> (/usr/local/texlive/2010/texmf-dist/tex/generic/babel/hyphen.cfg
>> ! I can't find file `ushyph.tex'.
>> <to be read again>
>>                    \relax
>> l.370   \repeat
> tl 2010, afaics, contains no reference to ushyph.tex
> its language.dat loads hyphen.tex for us hyphenations.
> so (apart from the fact that you've not generated any formats, which is
> odd -- my install of tl2010 did that for me) ... i would guess you've
> got a language.dat somewhere on your path, that's not part of tl2010.

Beautiful.  That was exactly the reason.  (In our workgroup, we use a
common local-texmf folder which gets mounted into everybody's home.
Unfortunately, some friend on Windows put the language.dat of his MikTeX

After removing that, I finished the installation (generating the
formats) and everything runs just fine.
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