[tex-live] [REPORTING BUG] PdfLaTeX quite slow

Thomas Beneteau thomas.beneteau at yahoo.fr
Sun Jun 20 04:46:40 CEST 2010

Hello,before starting I must warn that I'm not used to how a mailing list works, I'm not even sure I'm doing the right thing by submitting my bug here, but here I go :
I recently uninstalled MiKTeX from my system (Vista x64), because it was starting to get corrupt somehow. So I went on to find another distribution, and found TeXLive. The 2 Gb downloading went smoothly overnight, and the next morning I'd find myself with a full TeX system ready to be used. So I start Texworks as usual, and compose some random document with pdfLaTeX. However, it takes ages to compose. I tried by command line and nailed the problem : for some reason, pdfLaTeX waits three seconds before starting.
Here are the relevant details :- Vista x64- TeXLive is installed on a very fast access external hard drive (so it can't possibly be disk access)- TeXLive was installed after uninstalling MiKTeX- Before MiKTeX went corrupt, pdfLaTeX could compose pretty much any document in half a second, now it can take up to five seconds with TeXLive.
I couldn't find the bug listed anywhere else (there were bugs reporting pdfLaTeX being slow, but not in the same proportions nor with the same details). It might not even be a bug, just my failure to use TeXLive properly.
This is my bug.

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