[tex-live] Hints about checking for win32 compatibility for fragmaster perl script

Agustin Martin agustin.martin at hispalinux.es
Thu Feb 3 20:21:30 CET 2011

[Plaese cc me replies, I am not subscribed to texlive list]


I recently adopted fragmaster perl script, both for Debian and as new 
upstream. It is a tool that helps to use of psfrag together with 
pdflatex. It creates single graphics files with embedded psfrag 
substitutions, ready for use by pdflatex or latex.

I recently uploaded a new version to CTAN with some minimal changes to make
the script work under win32 (version currently shipped with texlive does not
work on win32 because of some unix'isms).

At the same time I am working in some new features to be added to the
script, like real bounding box calculation by means of ghostscript bbox
device, per-directory settings and a pod section for documentation.

I do all my development in a UNIX box, and I test win32 things in a qemu box 
with a couple of wrapper batch files to the plain script (called with 
tlperl) and to tlgs.

Currently I use DEVICE#bbox instead of DEVICE=bbox to help gswin32c wrapper
(DOS batch files do not like = and gs also supports # for the same purpose).

pod2usage works for pod section with simple usage use. Seems that to show
something closer to a manpage under win32 full perldoc may be needed. But
this is an assumed limitation when extending to win32.

Since texlive bundles the script with some stuff in a binary file, I wonder
if the above will (work|be enough) and if there are more win32 (info about 
other operating system is also welcome) incompatibilities I should worry 

Any other suggestion or comment about this is welcome.



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