[tex-live] I must be missing something with TeX...

Alan T Litchfield alan at alphabyte.co.nz
Sat Feb 5 04:35:52 CET 2011

Hi Tim,

I will not take up your offer of a ``cheque'' since here it is useless  
to me. And of course I assume that Cherokee.ttf is both free to use  
and freely available on the Internet and does not just reside on your  
computer, otherwise it is impossible for anyone to comply with your  
offer. By the way, help is proffered on this list by volunteers and so  
it is to me a little insulting to be given a ``challenge'' such as  
this in an environment that is both free and open. Where sharing of  
information is given freely and does not require inducements or  
competition in order to extract knowledge from those who are here and  
are willing to help. Of course that is just me and there may be others  
who desperately need 100 smackers...

I think that maybe there is something at fault with your installation.  
However, without your providing even an output log so that your  
problem can be resolved means can only be anyone's guess. At a guess  
then, while you may have installed TeXLive correctly (pretty hard to  
mess up really) you have not told the client application you are using  
where it has been installed and so while the binaries may be found as  
they are on the PATH, the style files, etc. can't be. This may also  
explain why the job works in some applications or on the CL but not in  
your client.

There are instructions on how to install fonts into LaTeX, XeTeX, et  
al and with TeX many, many languages are supported, not just English  
as you claim. However it is the code sets that variants of TeX support  
that seems to be more to your point. Things have come a very long way  
since the 90's and it appears some reading is in order. Hence have you  
investigated XeTeX?

Installation of fonts examples:

Good luck

On 5/02/2011, at 12:59 PM, Tim Legg wrote:

> Sorry for the slow reply,  been very busy on my end.
> Thanks Karl and Taco for the links.
>> On 01/31/11 19:37, Karl Berry wrote:
>>>    I cannot find a single tutorial or
>>>    hello world type of document
>>> http://tug.org/begin.html
>> http://www.google.com/search?q=hello+world+latex
> I have seen many tutorials and introductions, but maybe my ubuntu
> installation is broken because every single tutorial I followed  
> (about 5)
> didn't work, not even with cutting/pasting the code in.  Usually  
> something
> about not finding a sty file or something along those lines.  I have  
> no
> idea where to find one of those when they are missing and if  
> replacing it
> in the right location would be all that it would take.
> Yes, I used TeX back in the 90's to produce my calculus  
> assignments.  Also
> a Computer Eng prof of mine offered extra credit for handing in TeX  
> files.
> I transcribed a very old book in a non-English language.  Since TeX  
> only
> supports English, that itself isn't going to work.  I heard that  
> there are
> other modified versions of TeX that do support unicode TTF fonts, but
> actually getting them to work is beyond anything I have been able to
> figure out.
> I transcribed a bible from a different language.  It is stored as  
> almost
> 8000 text files.  I wrote two C programs.  One reads the phonetic  
> text I
> typed and converts them into UTF-8, saved in different file.  The  
> other
> program reads these 8000 files and parses them where they have a verse
> number in the first characters of the verse and prints chapter  
> headings
> and newlines.  This program saves the output as 26 unicode text files.
> Here is a sample of what my output looks like.
> http://www.cherokeenewtestament.org/01.txt
> Everytime I fixed a typo, I had to go to OpenOffice and make a new  
> PDF.  I
> would rather modify the C program to output something TeX, or some
> derivative, can work with.
> ------------------------------
> I'll leave it at this challenge:
> The first person whom can tell me what packages I need to install on
> Ubuntu 10.04, how I configure the packages tools to implement a  
> specific
> font, "Cherokee.TTF", that I posses.  Then finally, e-mail me a TeX  
> file
> that I can compile/interpret/execute on the command line to create a  
> file with these 2 lines below below:
> visible somewhere within it.  I will write them a $100 USD check.
> With that, I can at least have a template to build on to construct the
> entire book.  Honest to god, I have been working on this problem for
> almost 2 years.
> Thanks,
> Tim Legg

Alan T Litchfield
PO Box 1941, Auckland, 1140
New Zealand

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