[tex-live] Hi! I don't arrive to build texlive from the source, could you help me?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Feb 7 19:57:35 CET 2011

Hi Nicolas,
(Getting back to this rather late, sorry.)

    and It output me after about 30 minutes of compilation inside the whole text:
    ../../../texk/dvipng/dvipng.test: 9 : kpsewhich: not found
    "kpsewhich mktex.cnf" failed

That's normal when TeX (i.e., kpsewhich) isn't installed on the system.
The test detects this.  The next line should be:
SKIP: dvipng.test
i.e., the test is ignored.
(The test script should really be written to be self-contained within the
build/source tree, but ... life is short.)

    ./dvips: DVI file can't be opened: ../../../texk/dvipsk/testdate.quotecmd.dvi:
    No such file or directory
    PASS: quatecmd-test.pl

Those filenames look garbled, but anyway, I committed the
texk/dvipsk/testdata/quotecmd.dvi to the repo a little while ago (after
your report), so it should be ok now.

    and lot of other messages.

Lots of messages is normal.  What needs to be looked into is if a test
actually fails.


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