[tex-live] pst-circ TL version

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Feb 18 00:51:08 CET 2011

    i obviously don't understand how tl generation works with the catalogue
    data they have.

Every night at 3am Denmark time the cron job does an svn update on the
catalogue.  The results of that svn update are what are used in that
night's updates.  When a package and its cat info are in sync at 3am,
as they usually are, there's no problem.

The complication is when the cat update is skewed from the package
update.  Say on Monday morning a package is updated on CTAN, propagates
to tug, I update it in TL, the cat entry is not updated -- it goes out
in that night's tlnet under the old version.

Then the cat entry is updated on Tuesday.  The info is merged into the
TL master svn, but we intentionally do *not* force the package to be
updated in tlnet again just to get the cat info correct.  The benefit
does not seem worth the cost, since the cat info is not actually used
for anything operational in TL, it's just there for information.  We
have the catalogue-date field to show when the other cat info was

Of course we could drop the cat version entirely.  But despite these
occasional problems, it's usually correct (since you work so hard at
updating it, I fully realize) and occasionally useful.

All in all, just one of those inevitable suboptimal results when there
are many asychronous events being done by different volunteers at
different times.

In the tlmgr GUI, there's supposed to be some kind of laconic indication
that the cat info may not be up to date.


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