[tex-live] Problem with subfig and/or hyperref...

Cochran, Steven Douglas sdc18 at pitt.edu
Thu Aug 2 14:34:43 CEST 2012

Dear Angelo,

I am no longer maintaining the subfigure or subfig packages.  A couple of years ago, I turned this over to Vafa Khalighi, but just checking, I note that he no longer is maintaining this package either.  It appears that there has been a recent change that affects the operation of this package; and I am afraid that I don't really have a good solution for you.  I suggest that, if you do not hear from any of the others that you have contacted, that you consider switching to use the subcaption portion (or companion package) of Axel Sommerfeldt's caption package as it  provides a similar service and is actively maintained.

Sorry that I cannot be of more help.

	Best regards,

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The attached test case does not build any more after today upgrade of TL 2012.

It builds fine on TL2011 and on TL2012 just released (say July 14, 2012).

With today TL2012 it builds *ONLY* IF one comments out





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