[tex-live] problem with elsarticle.cls and hyperref

Vladimir Lomov lomov.vl at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 09:53:00 CEST 2012


** Robert Jäschke [2012-08-17 07:08:15 +0200]:


>>> 2. Do you really need hyperref with elsarticle? AFAIK elsarticle
>>> is intended for articles in journals published by Elsevier. They
>>> will certainly do hypertext references by their own means
>>> (references via CrossRef etc). See their web page or the web page
>>> of Science Direct.

> That is a good point. Actually, I don't necessarily need hyperref,
> although it is nice to have hyperlinks when writing the article to
> quickly jump through the document.

> However, what I need is the url package, otherwise URLs won't be
> typeset correctly. So I exchanged hyperref with url in the example
> from my previous post and now the document compiles. However, the DOI
> of the citation is now typeset as:

> doi:\bibinfo{doi}{10.1073/pnas.98.2.404}

> (yes, I see the raw macro in the PDF)

> The url package is the most recent version. So I assume there is an
> incompatibility between the elsarticle class and the url package and I
> should contact the maintainers?

IMHO, it shouldn't work at all. Consider the following small example:
----------------- 8< -----------------



This is an URL: \url{\aword}

----------------- 8< -----------------

Typeset it with pdflatex and you see the macro itself, from

% url.sty  ver 3.3    12-Apr-2006   Donald Arseneau   asnd at triumf.ca
% This package defines "\url", a form of "\verb" that allows linebreaks,
% and can often be used in the argument to another command.

So, like ordinary `\verb' command `\url' macro doesn't expand its

Perhaps elsarticle author(s) doesn't take into account the `url'

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