[tex-live] Texworks Editor

oberfnik oberfnik at calypse.de
Mon Aug 20 16:04:37 CEST 2012

Hi Andreas,
thank you very much for the fast response. I see, the problem isn't 
really a problem and can be resolved easily.

I anyhow suggest, that new versions of Texworks should import old 
config-files or at least offer to do so.

Best regards
Andreas Fink

Am 20.08.2012 15:37, schrieb Andreas Hirsch:
> Hi Andreas,
> quoting oberfnik, [20.08.2012 14:10]:
>> Dear members,
>> I'm not sure if I'm at the right place for this comment, but I feel that
>> this list might be the least wrong selection among the tug-mailinglists.
>> I have a question/comment/suggestion concerning the great Texworks
>> Editor and Tex Live Manager (2012).
>> Every time there is an update for the editor in Tex Live Manager, not
>> only the binaries but also the configuration is overwritten.
> I'm not quite sure but I as far as I know, TW-binaries are only replaced
> once a year (creating a new TL-compilation).
>> Is there a way to keep the config-files untouched?
> For every TL-release where is a own config-directory at
> <userhome>/.texliveYYYY/texmf-config/texworks/
> so you can copy your modified files from one directory to another
> \HTH
> Andreas

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