[tex-live] xindy doesn't work on windows

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Wed Aug 22 14:42:20 CEST 2012

Am Wed, 22 Aug 2012 20:49:33 +0900 schrieb Akira Kakuto:

> Dear Ulrike,
>> I:¥Z-Test>set TEMP="J:¥temp temp"
> Probably TMPDIR is prefered.
> Try
> set TMPDIR="J:¥temp temp"

Here the results of the german tests:

If I set both variables to folders without spaces then
 1. it works
 2. the folder set by TMPDIR is used

If one variable points to a folder with a space, then
 1. it works
 2. the folder (without spaces) set by the other variable is used.

If both variables points to a folder with a space then again xindy
(or more probably some perl module) falls back to the temp folder in
%userprofile and fails. 

And for good measure I also tested the variable TMP: setting this to
a folder without spaces works too (but TMPDIR is prefered if it
doesn't contain a space). 

So the code tries hard to find a tmp-folder without spaces and fails
only if none can be found.

Ulrike Fischer 

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