[tex-live] FW: TeX Live file associations

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Mon Dec 3 21:54:26 CET 2012

On 2012-12-03 at 09:20:25 +0000, Lars Madsen wrote:

 > I'm just asking a stupid question here:
 > why is psv even associated to PDF files any way?
 > I can understand that texworks is associated to .tex files, but
 > providing a PS viewer, to me, seems enough

Lars, AFAIR TL associates PS and EPS files with psv, but PDF files
only if no other program is associated with them.  This is correct
behavior: If no other PDF viewer is installed, psv is needed anyway
and TeX Live does exactly what people expect.  If you install another
viewer later, you will be asked whether that one should be used by

As Siep already said, what you observered is *not* desired behavior.
Something is going wrong on your side, but nevertheless, I'm
absolutely convinced that the concept is correct.  Siep worked very
hard indeed in order to avoid that TeX Live interferes with the rest
of the system in any way.

I don't know exactly what you're doing.  You mentioned that you're
using the w32client script somehow.  AFAIK it's supposed that admins
adapt it to their needs.  Maybe it's worthwile to examine it.

Do you get these undesired file associations with a standard TL
installer or only in your particular environment?  The former would be
strange, I would expect zillions of complaints here then.

BTW, you recently asked for a way to look into the registry.
Alexander already proposed regedit.  However, examining the registry
with regedit is quite inconvenient.  But there is an export option
which allows you to export it to a text file which you can examine
with Emacs, for instance.  This file is quite large because it's in
UTF-16.  You can reduce the size by the factor two in Emacs:

   --> Options
     --> Mule (Multilingual Environment)
       --> Set Coding Systems
         --> For saving this buffer

and select utf-8.  In Emacs you can search forward and backward, even
using regexps, within Emacs.  The search function in regedit is
incredibly slow.  It's also much easier to paste an excerpt to the
mailing list from a text file rather than from a GUI tool.

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