[tex-live] Problem with perl in Windows 7

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Wed Jan 11 16:24:26 CET 2012

Am Wed, 11 Jan 2012 04:05:58 +0700 schrieb Robert B. Gozzoli:

> Dear John and all list members,
> I thank you for the email. When I run Biber through the command line,
> it works fine. I attach the log file here at the bottom. Even with
> emacs, pressing C-c C-c, does not give me any problem about it. And I
> have to press it a few times, but I can get the final PDF with
> Xelatex. It is with something like Texworks or WinEdt that the problem
> come out. Even invoking biber in Texworks does not do anything. The
> warnings about entries not found are my fault for not putting them
> there yet. Utils.pm just complains about that.
> I use the identical file in my netbook, so I am sure that the file is fine.
> Thus, I believe the problem goes back to perl, that is somehow
> corrupted.

No, that's very very improbable. biber and latexmk are running so
perl is fine. 

I also doubt that biber is the problem: Your log shows that biber
gives only warnings. But you wrote "I have to press a few times with
xelatex". This sounds as if the xelatex run gives errors and that
you are ignoring them. In this case it is easy to reproduce your

I can get your error message (Latexmk: Errors, so I did not complete
making targets) with a simple document like this:


So check at first the log-file of the xelatex run.

Ulrike Fischer 

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