[tex-live] Update problem

Robert B. Gozzoli r.b.gozzoli at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 14:40:08 CET 2012

Dear Norbert and all other members of this list.

I attach here the required file updmap.log. The date of it in my
computer is 2 January 2012, which is at least a couple of updates.
Just for your information I also give the tlmgr.log from the same

I use email attachments for both files, I hope this is not a problem
for the list.

Thanks again,


On 18 January 2012 06:38, Norbert Preining <preining at logic.at> wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> On Mi, 18 Jan 2012, Robert B. Gozzoli wrote:
>> updmap-sys failed (status 9), output:
> Can you check if there is a file
>        c:\texlive\2011\texmf-var\web2c\updmap.log
> and send us that one?
> I have no idea how we ended up with a exit code of 9!!!
>> I understand that mdsymbol.map seems to have caused the problem. As
>> the mdsymbol has been just updated in TeXLive, it can be that is my
>> machine giving problem. But for this sort of failed update, what is
>> the "normal" procedure to restore it the system? Deleting
>> mdsymbol.map? something else?
> *AFTER* you have send us the updmap.log (or saved it to some safe place),
> you can run:
>        updmap-sys --enable Map mdsymbol.map
> if that does NOT work, again send us the above mentioned file!
> Best wishes
> Norbert
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