[tex-live] no sudo after updating to Mavericks

Richard Koch koch at math.uoregon.edu
Sat Nov 2 17:43:17 CET 2013


Hans Renkema had a problem with

	sudo -R mktexlar
	sudo -H updmap-sys

after updating to Mavericks on OS X, but TeXShop continued to work fine, He wrote
me for help and I told him that the two commands worked for me, and that he
might want to write this list, Hans then reinstalled MacTeX and the problem was solved.

Actually, this was bad support from me and I apologize. I forgot to ask Hans if
shells could even see mktexlar or updmap-sys, Installing MacTeX adds TeX Live
to the standard PATH for shells, Upgrading the OS sometimes breaks this addition, and
we have easy fixes. TeXShop doesn’t use PATH to find binaries and so isn’t

If Hans had written Herb Schulz, Herb would have immediately told him what
to do!

Dick Koch

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