[tex-live] problem (perhaps) with texhash in TL2015 pretest

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Le 14 avr. 2015 à 00:41, Norbert Preining <preining at logic.at> a écrit :

> What kind of mktemp are you using?

Attached is the man page.


MKTEMP(1)                 BSD General Commands Manual                MKTEMP(1)

     mktemp -- make temporary file name (unique)

     mktemp [-d] [-q] [-t prefix] [-u] template ...
     mktemp [-d] [-q] [-u] -t prefix



     The available options are as follows:

     -d      Make a directory instead of a file.

     -q      Fail silently if an error occurs.  This is useful if a script
             does not want error output to go to standard error.

     -t prefix
             Generate a template (using the supplied prefix and TMPDIR if set)
             to create a filename template.

     -u      Operate in ``unsafe'' mode.  The temp file will be unlinked
             before mktemp exits.  This is slightly better than mktemp(3) but
             still introduces a race condition.  Use of this option is not


     A mktemp utility appeared in OpenBSD 2.1.  This implementation was writ-
     ten independently based on the OpenBSD man page, and first appeared in
     FreeBSD 2.2.7.  This man page is taken from OpenBSD.

BSD                            December 30, 2005                           BSD

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