[tex-live] XeTeX and Mac Fonts

Richard Koch koch at uoregon.edu
Sat Apr 25 03:37:46 CEST 2015


You wrote 

The ones with "Invalid fontname" are likely to be bitmap fonts that
XeTeX rejects them (it is certainly the case for the first and the last
ones), this is not new. The rest seems to be xdvipdfmx regressions
caused by the move away from using FreeType, but probably are old
dvipdfmx bugs that were not exposed to XeTeX users before.

This explanation is certainly true of GB18030Bitmap, which is described by the Mac
as type “bitmap”. However, the error message from kpathsea about invalid fontnames
also is the cause of failure of the following fonts on our list, which are listed below
together with the “type” of font from the Mac info about them:

Hannotate TC
Opentype Postscript

HanziPen TC
Opentype Postscript

Apple Color Emoji

(The last font is the least important of the fonts on our non-working list.)

Dick Koch
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