[tex-live] XeTeX Complete Success

Richard Koch richardmoncriefkoch at icloud.com
Sun Apr 26 19:29:39 CEST 2015


Amazingly, the full story for XeTeX and Mac fonts is as follows:

	a) The following fonts were fixed and now work

	Hannotate SC
	HanziPen SC
	ITF Devanagari
	Kohinoor Devanagari
	Yuppy SC
	Yuppy TC
	Apple Chancery

	b) The following fonts are broken, but Khaled reports
	that they are all bitmapped fonts; each produces the same
	error in the log, which does not involve xdvipdfm-x. 

	GB18030 Bitmap
	Hannotate TC
	HanziPen TC
	Apple Color Emoji

Note that Hannotate TC and HanziPen TC are broken, but
Hannotate SC and HanziPen SC work.

I declare complete success, and now I’m going to rebuild the binaries
on all Mac platforms so we can get these fixes in the tlpretest packages
for Mac.

Dick Koch

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