[tex-live] Installation on an USB Stick

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Mon Nov 30 20:28:25 CET 2015

Am 30.11.2015 um 19:36 schrieb Reinhard Kotucha:
> On 2015-11-30 at 18:01:10 +0100, Herbert Voss wrote:
>   > Hello all,
>   > am I right that it is not possible to disable
>   > under Linux the creation of symlinks when installing TL
>   > on a vfat formatted stick?
>   > In the installer I didn't found the (old) option L
>   > for enable/disable the creation of symlinks.
> Hi Herbert,
> symlinks are disabled by default.  They can be enabled in the
> options menu.
> You can see in the main menu which options are set.

here is my output for install-tl --portable:

  <O> options:
    [ ] use letter size instead of A4 by default
    [X] allow execution of restricted list of programs via \write18
    [X] create all format files
    [X] install macro/font doc tree
    [X] install macro/font source tree
    [X] after install, use tlnet on CTAN for package updates

  <V> set up for regular installation to hard disk

There is no option for the symlinks. And here the error:

Installing [0016/3056, time/total: 00:49/02:21:04]: a2ping [48k]
Installing [0017/3056, time/total: 00:52/02:29:04]: a2ping.x86_64-linux [1k]
untar: untarring /media/voss/Cruzer/temp/a2ping.x86_64-linux.tar failed 
(in /media/voss/Cruzer)
untarring /media/voss/Cruzer/temp/a2ping.x86_64-linux.tar failed, 
stopping install.
Installation failed.
Rerunning the installer will try to restart the installation.
Or you can restart by running the installer with:
   install-tl --profile installation.profile [EXTRA-ARGS]
voss at shania:/media/voss/TEXCOL2015/texlive$


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