[tex-live] what to do if I want to use different paragraph separation

David Carlisle d.p.carlisle at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 17:07:16 CET 2015

> Unfortunatelly, one of the side-effect of the "parskip" package seem to be that the vertical space around \paragraph is also doubled :-(

you are better really to use a class designed for vertical paragraph separation
memoir class for example has some facilities for this  eg

\abnormalparskip{ length }

(note the footnote about this on page 49 of the manual:-)

the tex-primitive paragraph is used all over the place internally (in headings,
list items, captions, etc so working out what the user expects to be a
and affected by \parskip is really an impossible game of guesswork.

Do you really need \paragraph ? (that is, do you have four level deep
section headings?)

I'd _expect_  the space above \paragraph to increase if you were
specifying vertical space
between paragraphs, wouldn't you? That is, I'd expect the space above
a section head to be
at least as much as the space between normal paragraphs.
It would be very odd if that were not the case.


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