[tex-live] Default installation violates filesystem hierarchy standards

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Sep 28 01:57:15 CEST 2015

Hi Tristan,

> > We never claimed that we follow the FHS, thus we are not bound to
> > the FHS.
> Well, that's not exactly correct, is it?  TeX Live does claim to support 
> "many Unix-based platforms, including GNU/Linux".  Since many Unix-like 
> platforms (not just GNU/Linux) prescribe certain filesystem layouts (as 

Wait, we are not *PART* of a *distribution* of these systems, thus we
do *support* it, but that does not mean we are bound by their rules.

Simple example:
* TeX Live as is from TUG runs perfectly fine on Debian, installed into
* Debian (not completely though) follows the FHS
* There are TeX Live *Debian* packages, and these packages *do* follow
  the Debian standard (coincidentally, I am also the Debian packager)

Thus, yes:
- TeX Live supports Debian, without following all its rules
  (not only FHS, but also rules about config files etc etc!)
- TeX Live *Debian* packages *do* follow the rules of Debian
  (including keeping configurations across remove-install cycles etc)

> GNU/Linux does with the FHS), it would be helpful for a software package 
> claiming compatibility with these platforms to make reasonable efforts to 
> abide by their standards.

Helpful? I don't see why, but that is a matter of taste, not factuality.



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