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Tue Jan 5 01:35:40 CET 2016

On 2016-01-04 at 16:28:22 +0100, Denis Bitouzé wrote:

 > Le 04/01/16 à 16h21, Siep Kroonenberg <siepo at cybercomm.nl> a écrit :
 > > On Mon, Jan 04, 2016 at 02:08:47PM +0000, Joseph Wright wrote:
 > >> On 04/01/2016 13:58, Denis Bitouzé wrote:
 > >> > Le 04/01/16 à 14h43, Ulrike Fischer <news3 at nililand.de> a écrit :
 > >> > 
 > >> >> I found pdftopng in texlive and found it quite useful to create in a
 > >> >> fast way some png. 
 > >> > 
 > >> > BTW...
 > >> > 
 > >> > I was not aware of `pdftopng', and with good reason: it doesn't exist on
 > >> > Linux:
 > >
 > > On Linux, ghostscript can do it. pdftocairo from poppler-utls can do
 > > it, convert from imagemagick can do it.
 > None of them are available on Windows?

TeX Live provides a hidden Ghostscript for Windows.  It's visible to
scripts in the TEXMF tree and is supposed to support scripts shipped
with TeX Live.  In order to minimize network traffic it's only a
subset of the official distribution, see


How to install your own scripts is explained in


The drawback is that you need wrappers (Windows) and symlinks (Unix)
in texlive/YYYY/bin/<platform> and thus have to install everything
again when YYYY changes.  What I usually do in such cases is to create
a TDS compliant directory structure somewhere else, put all files and
symlinks there, and create a zip file which can be extracted in

If you just want to use Ghostscript on the command line, there is a
program called "rungs".  Try

  rungs -help

On Windows it runs the hidden Ghostscript shipped with TeX Live, on
other systems the Ghostscript found in PATH.  I don't know much about
MacTeX but I suppose that it works there too, one way or another.
So you can try

  rungs -sDEVICE=png256 -sOutputFile=foo.png ...

on (hopefully) any platform.

However, don't try to use TeX Live's Ghostscript as a printer driver.
This is not supported.  But everything else should work.  If not, let
me know.  See also



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