[tex-live] extractbb can not read the pdf file generated by mutool

Shunsaku Hirata shunsaku.hirata74 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 22:50:15 CET 2016


> Do you mean that, for example, "x ref" or "xre\0f" should be also
> accepted? Otherwise, I think mfgets works.

No, both "x ref" and "xre\0f" are invalid.

mfgets() is supposed to return a pointer to null-terminated byte strings so
it should not be used for reading data which can contain null characters
within that.

Consider the following example,

\0 0 2
0000000000 00001 f
0000000032 00000 n
2 1 foo
0000000182 00000 n
3 1\0bar
0000000322 00000 n
0000001236 00000 n

The first subsection is valid, the second subsection is not, and the
third is not valid too. The last one is subtle. (I think it is invalid but
if you want to treat null characters just like spaces it might be valid)

I think the proposed patch won't treat all cases properly.


Shunsaku Hirata

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