[tex-live] extractbb can not read the pdf file generated by mutool

Shunsaku Hirata shunsaku.hirata74 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 14:29:13 CET 2016

I'm not the one who decides if the patch is to be accepted.
I am just commenting on it as a person who is listed as an author of dvipdfmx.

2016-01-06 18:55 GMT+09:00 ABE Noriyuki <abenori at math.sci.hokudai.ac.jp>:
> Dear all,
> I see. Now my question is
> * should extractbb strictly reject an unexpected input?
> I think Hirata-san's answer is "yes". If the answer is "yes", then I
> agree with that we can't use mfgets. But the current extractbb (without
> my patch) accepts an unexpected input.
> This is a problem of the policy of dvipdfmx.

I don't know what you are going to say.

However, maybe I should clarify some of  my point and opinion.

The first one is that with mfgets dvipdfmx fails to read input which should
now be considered as valid input.

As for the part related to detecting errors in input, I think, the purpose of
detecting errors is to let dvipdfmx give up reading data as early as possible
when input file is not considered as a PDF file or is a broken PDF.  Dvipdfmx
should do what it can do for that.

Could you explain about "the policy of dvipdfmx"?

Shunsaku Hirata

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