[tex-live] proofread package on texlive 2015 win 7

Bernhard Kleine Bernhard.kleine at gmx.net
Sun Jan 17 20:38:36 CET 2016

Am 16.01.2016 um 15:31 schrieb Uwe Siart:
> Bernhard Kleine <Bernhard.kleine at gmx.net> writes:
>> Is there any reason why this package can not be loaded in a general
>> "update all packages"? It did not install when selected?
> I can confirm that if you have a full installation of TL15, package
> 'proofread' is part of it. Perhaps your installation is incomplete on
> some points.
> This is what you could try next:
>   tlmgr update --reinstall-forcibly-removed --all
>   tlmgr install --reinstall proofread
>   tlmgr install --reinstall collection-latexextra
> The latter might take a while because it will reinstall all packages
> that are assigned to collection-latexextra
Thank you, Uwe. The second line worked.


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