[tex-live] color and graphics config files for luatex 0.87+

David Carlisle d.p.carlisle at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 22:55:08 CET 2016


as you probably know luatex 0.87 changes "a few things"  I just submitted
to ctan a luatex.def file derived from pdftex.def but avoiding all the
\pdfxxx commands that are no longer defined.

This is usable already with color/graphics via an explicit option such as


as the default action for unknown options is to look for a .def file of
that name, however the next release of the graphics bundle will include
"declared" luatex option to match dvips, pdftex, luatex options.

It would be helpful if the color and graphics .cfg  files defaulted this
option if used with a new luatex.

For reasons I don't fully understand the .cfg files aren't on ctan but
directly in th etexlove sources so I'm attaching some possible versions to
this message (for texlive and BCC'd to Christian for miktex information)
they should detect luatex and then set up luatex or pdftex options
depending on \luatexversion.

The cfg files and luatex.def are also in github at


(luatex.def under LPPL, same as pdftex.def, color.cfg and graphics.cfg
under whatever approximation to public domain makes sense in your

Although this isn't really needed until tl2016 it might be good if they
could be pushed into tl2015 so that anyone who is testing a luatex 0.88
binary in a texlive 2015 tree will have a chance of graphics working by
default. But your choice, something like will be needed for the texlive
2016 test releases anyway, so sending now.

[other parts of latex support for luatex 0.85+ will be in the next update
of latex, hopefully end of this month, updated ltluatex.lua in base,
updated graphics and color in graphics and a new package for shell escape
(\write18) in tools. Also updated .ini files as proposed by Joseph already
on this list]


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