[tex-live] color and graphics config files for luatex 0.87+

David Carlisle d.p.carlisle at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 10:23:58 CET 2016

Zdeněk wrote

I think it is generally a good idea to have local .cfg files and find their
meaning in the local guide. Its implementation is straightforward. If there
is a need for such a local .cfg file, it can be placed in texmf-local which
is searched first. If it is not found there, the default .cfg will be read
from texmf-dist. Thus it will work for both kinds of users.

Yes, sure it's just that (as now) when changes are suggested in the default
version it's not so clear where to go, for texlive I can mail here, I
BCC'ed Christian as a heads up for miktex but other distributions it's not
so clear what they do.

if we put them also on  ctan as we do for the .def files then there would
be a canonical place for them. (same true of .ini files for format creation

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