[tex-live] Error: Unknown format directive

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sat Jan 30 00:51:37 CET 2016

Hi Arno,

that looks like an old installer! How do you install, ie, from which installer package?


On 2016年1月30日 4:44:13 JST, Arno Trautmann <Arno.Trautmann at gmx.de> wrote:
>Hi all,
>I just wanted to install TeX Live 2015 to a windows 7 machine. Package 
>downloading succeeded, mktexlsr ran fine, but then I run into the 
>following error and the intallation is not finished:
>writing fmtutil.cnf to C:/texlive/2015/texmf-dist/web2c/fmtutil.cnf
>Tk::Error: Unknown format directive 
>fmttriggers=cm,hyphen-base,knuth-lib,plain,package aleph, execute 
>AddFormat name=aleph engine=aleph options=*aleph.ini
>       fmttriggers=cm,hyphen-base,knuth-lib,plain at 
>line 981.
>  TeXLive::TLPOBJ::fmtutil_cnf_lines at 
>line 981
>  TeXLive::TLPDB::fmtutil_cnf_lines at 
>line 2152
>  TeXLive::TLUtils::create_fmtutil at 
>line 2821
>  main::do_postinst_stuff at 
>C:\Users\matterwave\Desktop\install-tl-20150819\install-tl line 924
>  main::do_installation at 
>C:\Users\matterwave\Desktop\install-tl-20150819\install-tl line 790
>  main::wizard_installation_window at 
>line 709
>  Tk callback for .button2
>  Tk::__ANON__ at 
>line 251
>  Tk::Button::butUp at 
>line 175
>  <ButtonRelease-1>
>  (command bound to event)
>Online search for the given error just returns the TLUtils.pm script.
>The same problem happened to a colleague of mine, so it seems not to be
>a problem of my machine. We are behind a proxy, which should be 
>configured fine since the package loading worked. If I can give any 
>other information so you could point me at a solution, I'll happily 
>provide them.
>Any help is highly appreciated,

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