[tex-live] [PATCH] Add action to XDvi for user-defined subprocesses

Richard M Kreuter kreuter at progn.net
Sat Jan 30 20:47:48 CET 2016

Hello TeX Live,

Attached is a patch that adds a new action to XDvi, called user-exec,
that runs a subprocess with the current DVI file's pathname stored in
the environment variable XDVI_PATH.

I use this action for a somewhat complicated purpose having to do with
CWEB, but the action itself is generic. As a digestible hypothetical
example of its use:

-- ~/.Xdefaults --

-- ~/bin/xdvi-remake --
cd ${XDVI_FILE%/*} && make ${XDVI_FILE##*/}

Note: I've been working on this change using the xdvik in the texlive
source tree, so the attached patch is against that. I'm a bit unclear
about the status of the upstream/upstreams(?) at SourceForge. If it's
preferable to submit changes there for eventual re-inclusion in TeX
Live, I can do that.

Finally, I've been using git-svn to track Build/source. If someone needs
this patch formatted differently for inclusion, please let me know.

Thank you,

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