[tex-live] xdvipdfmx bug reports?

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Sun Jan 31 07:56:09 CET 2016

>>> I've reported a crash for XeTeX's xdvipdfmx at
>>>   https://sourceforge.net/p/xetex/bugs/120/
>> Fixed in r39517.

Thanks for the quick fix!  BTW, who is managing the bug tracker?  I
think it should now be set to `resolved' (or at least to `confirmed'
or `in progress', or something similar).

>> After the fix, your example gives an attached "testsampige.pdf"
>> with a warning
>>   No Unicode mapping available: GID=164

This warning message is not clear to me.  What *exactly* does it mean?
Let's assume there are valid PS glyph names in the font's `post' table
– such PS glyph names can still be arbitrary, without the possibility
to derive Unicode representations.

> The fix looks legit to me, Sampige.ttf doesn't have valid psName
> entries according to its post table dump from ttx (see attachment).

Indeed, this is a bug in the font.  It seems to be an old,
unmaintained one (the link given in the font itself no longer works),
which is a pity, since (a) it is probably one of the most used fonts
for the Kannada script in the GNU/Linux world due to being part of the
standard bundle of Indic TrueType fonts, and (b) it is quite beautiful

The fix in the font is very easy to do (namely to change the `post'
table to format 3, to get rid of all PS glyph names) – any Indic users
on the list who could find out whether there is a canonical site
and/or a maintainer to whom this could be reported?

> Werner, what's the expected behavior here?  Does
> read_v2_post_names() in dvipdfm-x need improvement?
> https://github.com/texlive/texlive-source/blob/master/texk/dvipdfm-x/tt_post.c#L41

I'm not acquainted with the code, but you are on the safe side if
empty PS glyph names are completely ignored (since valid PS glyph
names are never empty).  It seems this is what the code does now.


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