[tex-live] Support for OpenBSD

damien at thiriet.web4me.fr damien at thiriet.web4me.fr
Fri May 5 19:27:23 CEST 2017


I am the OpenBSD user asking for binaries. I totally agree with the idea that a custom-bin install should be sufficient.
I made today an install for my 64-bits thin clients, it works, thanks a lot for that great job.
The binaries where the one provided by Mojca on contextgarden.net.
To have a better understanding of texlive, I tried also to find them on texlive servers, searching different links from
texlive.org, but did not succeed.
I think this is a non relevant issue, because the website still documents 2016 release and I use pre-2017 binaries.
I will search for a link after the official release.

Best regards,

Damien Thiriet

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