[tex-live] No user prompting asking for PATH adjustment after pretest install?

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Tue May 9 14:32:43 CEST 2017


I rsync'ed a tlpretest mirror, then did ./install-tl

Packages were installed then various mktexlsr and format
building actions happened.

At the end of all this I was surprised not to see any message
about updating my PATH for 2017 location.

I am actually on Mac OS, so I have the /Library/TeX/texbin
thing in my PATH. But it is a symlink and some update needs to
be done (I copy over whole texdist structure from year to year
and adjust symlinks very quickly using edit mod in
Emacs dired buffers; this year I had to pay attention to new
name x86_64-darwinlegacy).

After install-tl completes all binaries (as well as the environment
variables I set up in my .bash_profile to avoid the important
kpsewhich --var-value latency on Mac OS X; perhaps it has
improved not tested) were the 2016 ones. So I find the absence
of a message at end of install-tl execution a bit dangerous.
For example I could have used tlmgr option repository at this
stage, but this would have modified the 2016 config (anyhow
frozen, so it is not dramatic).

I needed naturally to activate the 2017
symlinks before issueing tlmgr option repository to point
to my local disc mirror of the tlpretest.

I suppose the mktexlsr and fmtutil-sys executed are the 2017
ones, not the 2016, at end of install...

Also there was a "no scheme-custom defined" message (I had
only a partial TL2016, and agreed for the install-tl to take
over my settings of last year).

I have not checked the
collections installed yet, I know some renaming happened,
hence wonder if the "take over from 2016" is ok, but could not
check yet because I needed to quit my mac at this time.



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