[tex-live] Problems installing TeX Live 2017 pre-test

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Thu May 25 15:56:31 CEST 2017

Having problems with my main machine, I decided to bring back into play my RM spare (Win-7-Enterprise, 64-bit).  I copied across my rsynched mirror, re-rsynched (and was surprised to find it downloading a large number of files -- I had re-rsynched the main machine only this morning), then went through a normal (for me) "install-tl-advanced.bat" as Administrator.  All appeared normal.  I launched a CMD prompt to check that D:\TeX\Live\2017\bin\win32 was now in my path (it was) and then launched XeTeX.  This reported that it was from TeX Live 2017/W32 TeX, and at the "*" prompt I entered "\end".  I was then surprised to find that it wanted to run "mktexfmt xetex.fmt" and even more surprised to find that it failed ("Either -sys or -user mode is required").  I then launched the TeX Live 2017 instance of TLMGR, told it to rebuild the file name database, then told it to rebuild all formats.  At-end it claimed to have successfully rebuilt 35 formats and failed to build 9
(luatex/luatex, euptex/euptex, luajittex/luajittex, pdftex/pdftex, xetex/xetex, eptex/eptex, pdftex/pdfetex, pdftex/etex, luatex/dviluatex).  Six formats were reported as disabled, and the last page of the transcript reported that a number of formats (including XeTeX, which is all that I really need) failed "due to options --strict".  Any thoughts ?
Philip Taylor

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