[tex-live] biber and biblatex incomaptible

Petra Ruebe-Pugliese petra at ctan.org
Sun Nov 5 13:57:27 CET 2017


On Sunday 05 November 2017 at 13:35:22 +0100  Uwe Siart <usenet at siart.de> wrote:
> After today's update there's an incomaptibility between biber and
> biblatex that prevents working with biber at all. Here's what I get on
> the command line (win32):
> d:\>biber testfile
> INFO - This is Biber 2.7
> INFO - Logfile is 'testfile.blg'
> INFO - Reading 'testfile.bcf'
> ERROR - Error: Found biblatex control file version 3.4, expected version 3.3.
> This means that your biber (2.7) and biblatex (3.8) versions are incompatible.
> See compat matrix in biblatex or biber PDF documentation.
 CTAN received yesterday night an update of biblatex to Version 3.8.
 The comment said that this required biber 2.8 .

 However, AFAICS biber has not yet been updated on CTAN.

 Moreover, we received this morning a re-upload of a "corrected
 biblatex 3.8" that was still labelled "3.8".

 I asked for a re-upload of the same, but with a slightly
 increased version number, to avoid confusion.
 At the moment, we have not got any further.

 Therefore I'd recommend, for the time being, that TeX Live
 revert to biblatex 3.7.

     Petra  (from CTAN)

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