[tex-live] texlive.tlpdb cosmetics

Akira Kakuto kakuto at fuk.kindai.ac.jp
Fri Nov 17 21:35:17 CET 2017

> If this is intentional, the manpage/usage should mention this like
>  (same as --all, exists for compatibility)

--missing                 create all missing format, base, mem files
--refresh                 recreate existing format, base, mem files

In the old fmtutil and fmtutil-sys,
existing files, which are described in fmtutil.cfg, are not recreated
in the case of --missing, and nonexistent files are not created in
the case of --refresh, that is, --missing + --refresh = --all.

I think it is better to fix that, if it is not working,
in the new fmtutil-user, and fmtutil-sys.


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