[tex-live] Problem with xr-hyper, hypererf and htlatex

Philippe Spiesser ann.onymous at orange.fr
Wed Nov 22 15:28:54 CET 2017


I'am using TeXLive 2017 with last updates and it seems that xr-hyper
produces errors when compiling the two examples above (It's the same
examples than somebody posted three or four years ago with the same
error messages) :

I run first, without errors
      htlatex doc2
      htlatex doc1
which produces next messages :
      (./doc1.aux) (./doc2.xref)
      ! Argument of \xr:rEfLiNK has an extra }.
      <inserted text> 
      l.9 \begin{document}

at every instance of latex included in htlatex. When responding Q each
time, it seems that doc1.html is created and correct.

No problems whic pdflatex.

Here are the two examples :

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I can give you others informations if you want.


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