[tex-live] biber 2.8 binary for x86_64-darwinlegacy

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Nov 25 00:58:43 CET 2017

    So it would be slightly better to copy the binary from x86_64-darwin
    rather than from i386-darwin.

Ok, done. I copied i386-darwin because that's what you told me to do :).

    To repeat what you probably already know: x86_64-darwin and
    x86_64-legacydarwin are in theory "the same". 

Well, you compile darwinlegacy binaries on an older Mac than Dick, hence
they are not at all the same, are they? Except that they provide the
same set of programs.

    The "just latest three releases" rule doesn't hold for biber which is
    compiled independently

Ok, thanks. I know biber is compiled independently, but what system(s) it
is made on, I did not know (and don't need to know :).  --best, karl.

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