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Dear Mr. Wagner

Thank you very much for this hint it worked perfectly.
I've spent so many hours in trying to solve this and the final solutions is so easy...

Thanks, Pascal
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It should be sufficient to open Control Panel / System, find Environment variables and create new variables http_proxy and https_proxy with the contents as you gave. I now sit at a Linux computer which does not have Windows in a VM, so I cannot be more specific but if I remember it well, setting of environment variables appears below Advanced.

Zdeněk Wagner

2018-02-08 12:36 GMT+01:00 Pascal Kiwitz <pascal.kiwitz at outlook.com<mailto:pascal.kiwitz at outlook.com>>:
Dear all

How to properly use TeXLive behind a proxy?

I worked with TeXLive for many years and I'm introducing TeXLive in my new company. The company is using a proxy server.

I was able to install the TeXLive by adding the following lines of code to the install-tl-advanced.bat:

set http_proxy=

set https_proxy=<>

Unfortunately, I did not find a solution for using a proxy with the TeX Live Manager 2017. Neither for the LWP nor for the wget connection.

Could you tell where I have to add my proxy settings?

Would it be possible to include that as a setting in TeX Live Manager for a future release?

Thank you and best regards,

Dr. Pascal Kiwitz

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