[tex-live] Tutorial for setting up own TeX Live package repositories seems outdated

M.Eng. René Schwarz mail at rene-schwarz.com
Sun Feb 11 19:12:29 CET 2018


I am currently trying to set up an own TeX Live package repository for
the distribution of some packages not available in the standard
repository. For this purpose, I have read the tutorial available in the
TeX Live Subversion repository at


in r22216. I noticed that the information in section 4 seems outdated
w.r.t. the options for `tl-update-tlpdb' presented there. The script
living at


in most recent r45618 does not contain the optional parameters
`-tlpdb-options-from-tlpsrc', `-with-win-pattern-warning', and
`-no-revision-check' anymore. As far as I can see,
`-with-win-pattern-warning' has been renamed to
`-with-w32-pattern-warning' and `-no-revision-check' to
`-no-reverse-revision-check', both with r15651. The
`-tlpdb-options-from-tlpsrc' option was introduced with r18296 and has
been removed completely with r45618.

In addition to that, I am facing problems with understanding section 6
of the document. I prepared a directory (``ROOT'') with the following


The folder `texmf-dist' contains files for an example package in TDS
layout. After running `perl [ROOT]/tlpkg/bin/tl-update-tlpdb
--from-files', the `[ROOT]/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb' file is being created.
However, I receive the following message during this run:

	Cannot determine type of tlpdb from [ROOT]!

A subsequent run of `tl-update-containers' always leads to the following

	Cannot determine type of tlpdb from [ROOT]!
	cannot find tlpdb in [ROOT] at [ROOT]/tlpkg/bin/tl-update-containers
line 75.

I am stuck here. Certainly I am doing something wrong, but I was not
able to figure out why the type of the tlpdb could not be determined.
Any help is appreciated. Thank you very much in advance!

P.S.: I am not a subscriber of the list; replies with my e-mail address
in CC would be nice.

Sincerely yours,

M.Eng. *René Schwarz*

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