[tex-live] Still troubles when trying to reach some pages of tug/texlive site

M.Eng. René Schwarz mail at rene-schwarz.com
Tue Feb 13 22:25:39 CET 2018

Hi Norbert,

> There is a block installed on tug that should catch robots. If you are
> hitting to hard and quickly on the server/svn space, you will be blocked
> for some time.

I just wanna add to the discussion that I am experiencing these blocks
not only for the SVN web viewer, but for the normal TUG website, too.
After three subsequent page requests my IP is being blocked. This is
very annoying.

With changing proxy servers I am able to reach the TUG webserver.

Kind regards,

Sincerely yours,

M.Eng. *René Schwarz*

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