[tex-live] Tutorial for setting up own TeX Live package repositories seems outdated

M.Eng. René Schwarz mail at rene-schwarz.com
Sun Feb 18 10:59:43 CET 2018

Hi Reinhard,

thank you for your answer!

> on your system.  Look for "svn:eol-style".

The `svn:eol-style` property is set to `native` for this file. As I am
working with a Windows SVN client, I get Windows line endings for this file.

> Karl wrote an SVN config file especially for TeX Live.  It can be
> downloaded from tug.org but I'm wondering whether it makes sense to
> simply add it to the TeX Live SVN repository.  It's easier to keep it
> up-to-date then and SVN users don't have to fiddle with clumsy web
> browsers.  Users could either copy it to ~/subversion or just create a
> symlink.

To be honest, I don't want to fiddle around with my SVN client
configuration file since changes there apply to all repositories I work
with, not only for the TeX Live one.

> I don't know whether subversion supports distinct config files for
> particular projects but that would be a great thing.

With Subversion v1.8, the `svn:auto-props` property has been introduced,
which --- according to my understanding --- allows to set all config
options in Karl's SVN config file on the root of the TeX Live SVN
repository. This way, the config options only apply to this particular
repository and the user does not have to cope with manipulating the
global SVN config file manually, which potentially introduces negative
side effects for other projects.

I would recommend considering to add this `svn:auto-props` property to
the TeX Live SVN repository root and to mark the solution with the
custom SVN config file as obsolete.

Kind regards,

Sincerely yours,

M.Eng. *René Schwarz*
mail at rene-schwarz.com

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