[tex-live] Strange tlmgr output today

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Feb 27 14:05:35 CET 2018

Hi Jack,

> I have done no such thing, nor have I edited a tlpdb by hand.  I sync the
> repo via a script, so I never mistype the command.  Also, this happened on
> more than one of my machines.  So there must be another explanation.

Hmm, very strange indeed.

> Perhaps something funny happened to mirrors.rit.edu---like maybe it went
> down and had to be restored from a previous state.

Can you try
  tlmgr --repository ctan update --list
and see if you get the same output?

> Or: is it ever the case that a newer set of packages has to be reverted
> and pulled from the main repo, and so some people get stuck with newer

No, that does not happen. We only push out from our deployment server to
CTAN when something like this does not happen. There are several
safe-guards on the way. So this is one of the things I can exclude with
extremely high probability.


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