[tex-live] babel Portuguese package name misspelled?

Vasco Almeida vascomalmeida at sapo.pt
Wed Jan 10 21:43:02 CET 2018

The Portuguese babel packages is babel-portuges. I would expect it to
be babel-portuguese instead. Either way I have a file with the
following rows.

> \documentclass[portuguese,a4paper]{europasscv}
> \usepackage[portuguese]{babel}

When I issue pdflatex cv_pt.tex, I read the following warning and it
seems the hyphenation is not working.

> Package babel Warning: No hyphenation patterns were preloaded for
> (babel)                the language `Portuguese' into the format.
> (babel)                Please, configure your TeX system to add them and
> (babel)                rebuild the format. Now I will use the patterns
> (babel)                preloaded for english instead on input line 55.

I tried with \usepackage[portuges]{babel} also.

In /usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/tex/generic/babel-
portuges/portuges.ldf file there is this rows and other instances of
"portuges" and also portuguese.

> \ProvidesLanguage{portuges}
>         [2008/03/18 v1.2q Portuguese support from the babel system]

Can you shed some light on this? Is this a bug?

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