[tex-live] Missing files in 'comprehensive'

jack tljack at forallx.net
Wed Jan 10 23:25:27 CET 2018

On Wed, January 10, 2018 3:39 pm, Karl Berry wrote:
> Your explanations didn't make sense to
> me, sorry. (I doubted anyone printed it out on an actual printer, and for
> that, the -letter.pdf on CTAN should suffice anyway.)

If nobody printed it anyway, then the size to keep is the one that makes
on-screen viewing easiest.  That is symbols-letter.pdf.

Because A4 paper is taller than letter paper, if an A4 PDF is zoomed in
such a way that the whole page is on the screen---so that one doesn't have
to scroll up or down---the page contents must be smaller and harder to see
than they would be under letter size.  On a 13-inch laptop, that ends up
being painfully small.  (It's awfully small already even with letter-size,
but it's doable.)


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