[tex-live] Missing files in 'comprehensive'

jack tljack at forallx.net
Fri Jan 12 06:29:50 CET 2018

On Thu, January 11, 2018 6:48 pm, Karl Berry wrote:
> Ok, I understand now. I'm not adamantly opposed I guess, but a plethora,
> I suspect the majority, of package documentation PDFs in TL are a4. That
> is why I chose to keep that format. So whatever the situation with a4, it
> seems you and everyone else must have already solved it as well as it can
> be solved. Maybe providing the document with a larger font size is the
> least bad answer ... Scott? -k

A larger font size is probably a bad idea, since it will likely force
inconvenient pagebreaks in the middle of some blocks of symbols.  (Not to
mention, it will make an already large pagecount even bigger, which makes
flipping through them less efficient.)

I hadn't realized at first that symbols-letter.pdf will remain on CTAN. 
I'll just get it from there and keep it locally.


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