[tex-live] "Getnonfreefonts-sys"

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Fri Jun 1 22:26:53 CEST 2018

On 2018-06-01 at 17:38:56 +0100, Philip Taylor wrote:

 >     Sadly
 >         D:\TeX\Live>texlua install-getnonfreefonts
 >         Detected System: win32
 >         Your TeX System seems to be broken.  Can't continue.
 > ?

Dear Phil,
the installer aborts with the error message above if


doesn't exist or is not a directory.

Please locate this piece of code in install-getnonfreefonts

print ('TEXDIR='..texdir)
print ('BINDIR='..bindir)
print ('EXEDIR='..exedir)
print ('SCRIPTDIR='..scriptdir)
print ('MANDIR='..mandir)
print ('INSTDIR='..instdir)

and replace --[[ with ---[[ .  The crash will be more noisy then.

Ancient versions of the installer don't work anymore because they
assume that $SELFAUTOPARENT/texmf/ exists.  Contents of this directory
was moved to texmf-dist some time ago.  Recent versions of the
installer check whether $SELFAUTOPARENT/texmf/ exists and thus support
older versions of TeX Live too.


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