[tex-live] Problems in devnag.1, synctex.1

Eric S. Raymond esr at thyrsus.com
Thu Jun 14 06:00:35 CEST 2018

Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org>:
> Hi Eric,
>     devnag.1
>     -\dn and converts it into a form with which TeX is familiar.
>     +\\dn and converts it into a form with which TeX is familiar.
> We've discussed that one already. It is (and has been) fixed in both the
> TL sources and runtime, but apparently never gets updated in your
> database :).

It's marked "superseded" as it should be in that case.  Looking...
yep, my robomailer had a minor bug, now fixed.

>     List syntax error. This means .IP, .TP or .RS/.RE markup is garbled.
>     [...]
>     --- synctex.1-unpatched	2018-05-28 03:39:05.347651587 -0400
>     +++ synctex.1	2018-05-28 03:39:44.143387929 -0400
> I take your word for it. Fix committed in TL r48008.
> However, your change:
>     +.Bl -bullet compact
> FYI, the "compact" is not understood by either the unmodified upstream
> GNU groff 1.22.3, or groff as distributed with CentOS 7 (fully patched).
> Specifically, after applying your patch, the command:
>     groff -man -t -rS11 synctex.1
> results in the error:
>   mdoc warning: Unknown keyword `compact' in .Bl macro (#17)
> with both of those versions of groff.
> For our purposes, I just left out the "compact". You may want to
> adjust your setup not to suggest it. --best, karl.

That shoulds be "-compact", which is a documented modifier to .Bl. 
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