[tex-live] TeXLive-2018 fails to update across firewall

Blumenthal, Uri - 0553 - MITLL uri at ll.mit.edu
Wed Jun 20 15:35:07 CEST 2018

WARNING: long email

     First of all, Uri, please *fix* your URL
     which you used is *wrong*, it should be *systems* (mind the final s).
I'm pretty sure I copy-pasted it from the TeX Live Utility log... I could've made a mistake, of course.

And a pleasant news: as of this morning (after doing the tlmgr infrastructure update), TeX Live Utility seems to work, and is happily updating .

I still think the wget provided with texlive package is old/broken, and would like the ability to use the one installed instead (e.g., /opt/local/bin/wget):

$ /usr/local/texlive/2018/tlpkg/installer/wget/wget.x86_64-darwin http://tug.ctan.org/tex-archive/systems/texlive/tlnet/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb
wget.x86_64-darwin: Unknown command 'secureprotocol' in /Users/ur20980/.wgetrc at line 139.
$ sudo -E /usr/local/texlive/2018/tlpkg/installer/wget/wget.x86_64-darwin http://tug.ctan.org/tex-archive/systems/texlive/tlnet/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb
wget.x86_64-darwin: Unknown command 'secureprotocol' in /Users/ur20980/.wgetrc at line 139.
$ wget http://tug.ctan.org/tex-archive/systems/texlive/tlnet/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb
--2018-06-20 09:25:04--  http://tug.ctan.org/tex-archive/systems/texlive/tlnet/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb
Resolving llproxy.llan.ll.mit.edu... 
Connecting to llproxy.llan.ll.mit.edu... connected.
Proxy request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 13678183 (13M) [text/plain]
Saving to: ‘texlive.tlpdb’

texlive.tlpdb                  100%[====================================================>]  13.04M  1.94MB/s    in 7.3s    

2018-06-20 09:25:11 (1.80 MB/s) - ‘texlive.tlpdb’ saved [13678183/13678183]

$ sudo -E wget http://tug.ctan.org/tex-archive/systems/texlive/tlnet/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb
--2018-06-20 09:24:42--  http://tug.ctan.org/tex-archive/systems/texlive/tlnet/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb
Resolving llproxy.llan.ll.mit.edu... 
Connecting to llproxy.llan.ll.mit.edu... connected.
Proxy request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 13678183 (13M) [text/plain]
Saving to: ‘texlive.tlpdb’

texlive.tlpdb                  100%[====================================================>]  13.04M  1.81MB/s    in 7.6s    

2018-06-20 09:24:50 (1.71 MB/s) - ‘texlive.tlpdb’ saved [13678183/13678183]

$ sudo -E curl http://tug.ctan.org/tex-archive/systems/texlive/tlnet/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb > t.tlpdb
Warning: /Users/ur20980/.curlrc:2: warning: 'no_proxy' is unknown
  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
100 13.0M  100 13.0M    0     0  1756k      0  0:00:07  0:00:07 --:--:-- 1693k

    Could you please do
      sudo -E /Library/TeX/texbin/tlmgr -v --repository http://tug.ctan.org/tex-archive/systems/texlive/tlnet update --list
    and send me the output? Also , please the output of
      /Library/TeX/texbin/tlmgr version -v

Sure. Here are all the outputs:

$ /Library/TeX/texbin/tlmgr version -v
tlmgr revision 47951 (2018-06-07 07:55:43 +0200)
tlmgr using installation: /usr/local/texlive/2018
TeX Live (http://tug.org/texlive) version 2018
Revisions of TeXLive:: modules:
TLConfig: 47938
TLUtils:  47887
TLPOBJ:   47934
TLPDB:    47834
TLPaper:  45795
TLWinGoo: 47907
$ sudo -E /Library/TeX/texbin/tlmgr -v --repository http://tug.ctan.org/tex-archive/systems/texlive/tlnet update --list
Enter PIN for 'Certificate For PIV Authentication (Uri the Great)': 
D:tlmgr:main: ::tldownload_server defined: TeXLive::TLDownload=HASH(0x7f7f147df978)
D:Using system curl (tested).
D:Using system wget (tested).
D:Using system lz4 (tested).
D:Using system gzip (tested).
D:Using shipped /usr/local/texlive/2018/tlpkg/installer/xz/xz.x86_64-darwin for xz (tested).
D:Using checksum method digest::sha
D:Testing for gpg in gpg
D: ... gpg ok! [gpg --version >/dev/null 2>&1]
D:gpg command line: gpg --homedir "/usr/local/texlive/2018/tlpkg/gpg" --no-secmem-warning --no-permission-warning --lock-never 
D:will verify cryptographic signatures
D:persistent connection set up, trying to get http://tug.ctan.org/tex-archive/systems/texlive/tlnet/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb.sha512 (for /var/folders/c6/lnc_0m093ys8w16md_fm1mnxhtfnj8/T/JWU0fxuOBF/gcPBuJpuI2)
D:TLUtils::download_file: downloading using lwp succeeded
D:persistent connection set up, trying to get http://tug.ctan.org/tex-archive/systems/texlive/tlnet/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb.sha512.asc (for /var/folders/c6/lnc_0m093ys8w16md_fm1mnxhtfnj8/T/JWU0fxuOBF/EgIz4Xjf4u)
D:TLUtils::download_file: downloading using lwp succeeded
D:verification succeeded, output:
gpg: Signature made Tue Jun 19 20:24:01 2018 EDT
gpg:                using RSA key 4CE1877E19438C70
gpg: Good signature from "TeX Live Distribution <tex-live at tug.org>" [ultimate]

D:cryptographic signature of http://tug.ctan.org/tex-archive/systems/texlive/tlnet/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb.sha512 verified
D:verify_checksum: found remote digest
D:tlchecksum(/usr/local/texlive/2018/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb.3c8f533db99d2cf81d8972d89f35787c): ===1c85da777e56c28137c6b0d38c784eaf764a10157e73ff77a177036546263e41d60628077b06b1ef783e6172851fa9b80e3fef831ebc417b075f6e1d49f48e26===
D:verify_checksum: local_digest = 1c85da777e56c28137c6b0d38c784eaf764a10157e73ff77a177036546263e41d60628077b06b1ef783e6172851fa9b80e3fef831ebc417b075f6e1d49f48e26
D:checksum of local copy identical with remote hash
tlmgr: package repository http://tug.ctan.org/tex-archive/systems/texlive/tlnet (verified)
D:Automatic backups activated, keeping 1 backups.
tlmgr: saving backups to /usr/local/texlive/2018/tlpkg/backups
D:tlmgr: new pkgs: latex-via-exemplos
D:tlmgr: deleted : 
D:tlmgr: forced  : cochineal
skipping forcibly removed package cochineal
D:bath-bst new package
D:bezierplot new package
D:biblatex-socialscienceshuberlin new package
D:cascade new package
D:cellprops new package
D:clrdblpg new package
D:colophon new package
D:competences new package
D:cqubeamer new package
D:dsserif new package
D:ecothesis new package
D:endnotesj new package
D:erw-l3 new package
D:gatherenum new package
D:includernw new package
D:kanaparser new package
D:kurdishlipsum new package
D:latex-via-exemplos new package
D:libertinus-otf new package
D:lualatex-truncate new package
D:luavlna new package
D:manyind new package
D:milsymb new package
D:modulus new package
D:musikui new package
D:onedown new package
D:padcount new package
D:pdfoverlay new package
D:postage new package
D:powerdot-tuliplab new package
D:stickstoo new package
D:stix2-otf new package
D:stix2-type1 new package
D:texdate new package
D:texdoctk new package
D:texdoctk.x86_64-darwin new package
D:tlc-article new package
D:xbmks new package
D:collection-bibtexextra upd package
D:collection-binextra upd package
D:collection-fontsextra upd package
D:collection-games upd package
D:collection-langarabic upd package
D:collection-langjapanese upd package
D:collection-langportuguese upd package
D:collection-latexextra upd package
D:collection-luatex upd package
D:collection-mathscience upd package
D:collection-pictures upd package
D:collection-plaingeneric upd package
D:collection-publishers upd package
D:collection-xetex upd package
D:colortbl upd package
D:context-filter upd package
D:context-vim upd package
D:cooking-units upd package
D:crossrefware upd package
D:cslatex upd package
D:csquotes upd package
D:ctex upd package
D:ctie.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:cweb.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:datatool upd package
D:datetime2-estonian upd package
D:datetime2-galician upd package
D:datetime2-greek upd package
D:datetime2-hebrew upd package
D:datetime2-icelandic upd package
D:datetime2-irish upd package
D:datetime2-latin upd package
D:datetime2-lsorbian upd package
D:datetime2-ukrainian upd package
D:dccpaper upd package
D:detex.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:doclicense upd package
D:dozenal upd package
D:dtl.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:dvi2tty.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:dvicopy.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:dvidvi.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:dviljk.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:dvipng.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:dvipos.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:dvips.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:dvisvgm.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:dynkin-diagrams upd package
D:esami upd package
D:eso-pic upd package
D:etoc upd package
D:exercisebank upd package
D:factura upd package
D:fduthesis upd package
D:filecontents upd package
D:fira upd package
D:fontawesome5 upd package
D:fonts-tlwg upd package
D:fontware.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:gbt7714 upd package
D:genealogytree upd package
D:gentombow upd package
D:geometry upd package
D:glossaries upd package
D:glossaries-extra upd package
D:graph35 upd package
D:gregoriotex.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:gsftopk.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:handin upd package
D:hecthese upd package
D:ifmtarg upd package
D:ipaex-type1 upd package
D:isodoc upd package
D:japanese-otf-uptex upd package
D:jlreq upd package
D:ketcindy upd package
D:knowledge upd package
D:koma-script-examples upd package
D:komacv-rg upd package
D:kpathsea.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:l3build upd package
D:l3experimental upd package
D:l3kernel upd package
D:l3packages upd package
D:lacheck.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:langsci upd package
D:latex upd package
D:latex-bin upd package
D:latex-make upd package
D:latex2e-help-texinfo upd package
D:latex2man upd package
D:latexindent upd package
D:latexmk upd package
D:latexpand upd package
D:lcdftypetools.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:libertinus upd package
D:libertinust1math upd package
D:ltximg upd package
D:lua-check-hyphen upd package
D:luamplib upd package
D:luatex.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:luatexja upd package
D:luatexko upd package
D:luaxml upd package
D:lwarp upd package
D:ly1 upd package
D:lyluatex upd package
D:m-tx upd package
D:m-tx.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:make4ht upd package
D:makeindex.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:marginnote upd package
D:mathalfa upd package
D:mcf2graph upd package
D:media9 upd package
D:metafont.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:metapost.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:mflua.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:mfware.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:musicography upd package
D:musixtex upd package
D:musixtnt.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:newtx upd package
D:newtxsf upd package
D:nicematrix upd package
D:novel upd package
D:ocgx2 upd package
D:omegaware.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:optidef upd package
D:paracol upd package
D:patgen.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:pdftex.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:pdftools.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:pgfornament-han upd package
D:pkgloader upd package
D:plantuml upd package
D:platex upd package
D:plex-otf upd package
D:pmx.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:polexpr upd package
D:ps2pk.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:pst-ode upd package
D:pstools.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:pstricks upd package
D:psutils.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:ptex upd package
D:ptex.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:ptex2pdf upd package
D:regexpatch upd package
D:register upd package
D:reledmac upd package
D:roboto upd package
D:robustindex upd package
D:scientific-thesis-cover upd package
D:scsnowman upd package
D:seetexk.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:semantic-markup upd package
D:siunitx upd package
D:skdoc upd package
D:stix upd package
D:structmech upd package
D:struktex upd package
D:synctex upd package
D:synctex.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:t1utils.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:t2 upd package
D:tetex upd package
D:tex-gyre upd package
D:tex.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:tex4ebook upd package
D:tex4ht upd package
D:tex4ht.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:texdoc upd package
D:texdoc.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:texlive-de upd package
D:texlive-docindex upd package
D:texlive-en upd package
D:texlive-fr upd package
D:texlive-msg-translations upd package
D:texlive-scripts upd package
D:texware.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:thesis-gwu upd package
D:thucoursework upd package
D:thuthesis upd package
D:tie.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:tikz-relay upd package
D:tikzsymbols upd package
D:tools upd package
D:toptesi upd package
D:tracklang upd package
D:ttfutils.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:turabian-formatting upd package
D:uantwerpendocs upd package
D:unicode-data upd package
D:univie-ling upd package
D:updmap-map upd package
D:uplatex upd package
D:uptex upd package
D:uptex.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:velthuis.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:venndiagram upd package
D:visualtikz upd package
D:vlna.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:web.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:witharrows upd package
D:xassoccnt upd package
D:xcharter upd package
D:xdvi.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:xecjk upd package
D:xellipsis upd package
D:xepersian upd package
D:xetex upd package
D:xetex.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:xetexko upd package
D:xindy.x86_64-darwin upd package
D:xint upd package
D:xltabular upd package
D:xsavebox upd package
D:xurl upd package
D:yathesis upd package
D:zxjafont upd package
D:zxjatype upd package
update:   colortbl           [595k]: local:    29803, source:    47614
update:   context-filter      [17k]: local:    47085, source:    47530
update:   context-vim         [15k]: local:    47085, source:    47531
update:   cooking-units      [663k]: local:    45585, source:    47943
update:   crossrefware       [235k]: local:    45927, source:    47861
update:   cslatex             [55k]: local:    45678, source:    47536
update:   csquotes           [325k]: local:    46601, source:    47564
update:   ctex              [1221k]: local:    46474, source:    47595
update:   ctie.x86_64-darwin  [33k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   cweb.x86_64-darwin  [77k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   datatool          [2766k]: local:    45759, source:    47543
update:   datetime2-estonian  [87k]: local:    36682, source:    47565
update:   datetime2-galician  [87k]: local:    36692, source:    47631
update:   datetime2-greek     [84k]: local:    36692, source:    47533
update:   datetime2-hebrew   [271k]: local:    36692, source:    47534
update:   datetime2-icelandic [87k]: local:    36692, source:    47501
update:   datetime2-irish    [322k]: local:    36635, source:    47632
update:   datetime2-latin    [273k]: local:    36692, source:    47748
update:   datetime2-lsorbian  [92k]: local:    36692, source:    47749
update:   datetime2-ukrainian [73k]: local:    44588, source:    47552
update:   dccpaper           [287k]: local:    45638, source:    47717
update:   detex.x86_64-darwin [43k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   doclicense         [495k]: local:    46661, source:    47975
update:   dozenal            [415k]: local:    44740, source:    47680
update:   dtl.x86_64-darwin   [21k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   dvi2tty.x86_64-darwin [69k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   dvicopy.x86_64-darwin [56k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   dvidvi.x86_64-darwin [9k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   dviljk.x86_64-darwin [83k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   dvipng.x86_64-darwin [463k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   dvipos.x86_64-darwin [46k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   dvips.x86_64-darwin [147k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   dvisvgm.x86_64-darwin [1483k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   dynkin-diagrams    [603k]: local:    46821, source:    47620
update:   esami             [1420k]: local:    46961, source:    47639
update:   eso-pic            [257k]: local:    37925, source:    47694
update:   etoc              [1230k]: local:    46735, source:    48047
update:   exercisebank       [282k]: local:    47380, source:    47483
update:   factura            [784k]: local:    46949, source:    47816
update:   fduthesis         [1546k]: local:    47408, source:    47628
update:   filecontents       [123k]: local:    24250, source:    47890
update:   fira             [13971k]: local:    46260, source:    47835
update:   fontawesome5      [1246k]: local:    46787, source:    48045
update:   fonts-tlwg        [6963k]: local:    45469, source:    47499
update:   fontware.x86_64-darwin [101k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   gbt7714            [159k]: local:    47418, source:    47792
update:   genealogytree     [3657k]: local:    46018, source:    47539
update:   gentombow          [538k]: local:    46987, source:    47738
update:   geometry           [477k]: local:    47106, source:    47638
update:   glossaries        [5442k]: local:    47357, source:    47898
update:   glossaries-extra  [4937k]: local:    47410, source:    47827
update:   graph35           [2100k]: local:    47088, source:    47522
update:   gregoriotex.x86_64-darwin [124k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   gsftopk.x86_64-darwin [40k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   handin            [2371k]: local:    47292, source:    47590
update:   hecthese           [892k]: local:    45953, source:    47473
update:   ifmtarg             [40k]: local:    19363, source:    47544
update:   ipaex-type1      [13214k]: local:    42403, source:    47700
update:   isodoc            [2551k]: local:    39520, source:    47868
update:   japanese-otf-uptex [152k]: local:    47352, source:    47702
update:   jlreq              [103k]: local:    46514, source:    48039
update:   ketcindy         [10034k]: local:    47435, source:    48037
update:   knowledge          [750k]: local:    46669, source:    47739
update:   koma-script-examples [551k]: local:    34243, source:    47523
update:   komacv-rg          [852k]: local:    45187, source:    47668
update:   kpathsea.x86_64-darwin [47k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   l3build            [718k]: local:    47135, source:    47669
update:   l3experimental    [2848k]: local:    46875, source:    47705
update:   l3kernel          [8051k]: local:    46875, source:    48022
update:   l3packages        [1794k]: local:    46712, source:    47705
update:   lacheck.x86_64-darwin [20k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   langsci            [192k]: local:    45403, source:    47487
update:   latex            [13389k]: local:    47377, source:    47860
update:   latex-bin           [21k]: local:    47198, source:    47536
update:   latex-make         [748k]: local:    42914, source:    47869
update:   latex2e-help-texinfo [1413k]: local:    47419, source:    47936
update:   latex2man          [374k]: local:    45484, source:    47942
update:   latexindent        [750k]: local:    46388, source:    47964
update:   latexmk            [523k]: local:    46378, source:    47836
update:   latexpand            [9k]: local:    41873, source:    47535
update:   lcdftypetools.x86_64-darwin [663k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   libertinus        [5350k]: local:    47077, source:    47488
update:   libertinust1math  [2490k]: local:    45439, source:    47571
update:   ltximg             [216k]: local:    37006, source:    47568
update:   lua-check-hyphen   [118k]: local:    46573, source:    47527
update:   luamplib           [190k]: local:    47336, source:    47547
update:   luatex.x86_64-darwin [3777k]: local:    47348, source:    47653
update:   luatexja          [3557k]: local:    47178, source:    48031
update:   luatexko           [256k]: local:    47337, source:    47512
update:   luaxml             [125k]: local:    46768, source:    48015
update:   lwarp             [2382k]: local:    47250, source:    47944
update:   ly1                 [58k]: local:    21086, source:    47848
update:   lyluatex           [872k]: local:    46952, source:    47584
update:   m-tx.x86_64-darwin  [45k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   m-tx               [496k]: local:    47198, source:    47553
update:   make4ht            [137k]: local:    47398, source:    47616
update:   makeindex.x86_64-darwin [46k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   marginnote         [315k]: local:    43979, source:    47515
update:   mathalfa           [956k]: local:    43332, source:    47575
update:   mcf2graph          [886k]: local:    46199, source:    48046
update:   media9            [6694k]: local:    47333, source:    47957
update:   metafont.x86_64-darwin [234k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   metapost.x86_64-darwin [870k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   mflua.x86_64-darwin [540k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   mfware.x86_64-darwin [118k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   musicography       [263k]: local:    45658, source:    47838
update:   musixtex          [2065k]: local:    46141, source:    47682
update:   musixtnt.x86_64-darwin [8k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   newtx             [4442k]: local:    47160, source:    47889
update:   newtxsf            [428k]: local:    41918, source:    47958
update:   nicematrix         [265k]: local:    47232, source:    47545
update:   novel             [4682k]: local:    47361, source:    47492
update:   ocgx2               [15k]: local:    47334, source:    47961
update:   omegaware.x86_64-darwin [258k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   optidef            [248k]: local:    45945, source:    47818
update:   paracol            [823k]: local:    38621, source:    47750
update:   patgen.x86_64-darwin [22k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   pdftex.x86_64-darwin [859k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   pdftools.x86_64-darwin [350k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   pgfornament-han    [992k]: local:    47399, source:    47789
update:   pkgloader          [475k]: local:    47251, source:    47486
update:   plantuml            [67k]: local:    47089, source:    47924
update:   platex            [1622k]: local:    47402, source:    47782
update:   plex-otf           [536k]: local:    47157, source:    47562
update:   pmx.x86_64-darwin  [233k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   polexpr             [48k]: local:    47412, source:    47509
update:   ps2pk.x86_64-darwin [86k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   pst-ode            [125k]: local:    45057, source:    47959
update:   pstools.x86_64-darwin [4k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   pstricks          [6997k]: local:    46232, source:    47572
update:   psutils.x86_64-darwin [60k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   ptex.x86_64-darwin [1492k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   ptex                [97k]: local:    47198, source:    47918
update:   ptex2pdf            [16k]: local:    44664, source:    47716
update:   regexpatch         [533k]: local:    47233, source:    47601
update:   register           [312k]: local:    21127, source:    47773
update:   reledmac          [3243k]: local:    47359, source:    47794
update:   roboto           [13502k]: local:    38386, source:    47586
update:   robustindex        [418k]: local:    45452, source:    47521
update:   scientific-thesis-cover [134k]: local:    46172, source:    47923
update:   scsnowman          [476k]: local:    46320, source:    47953
update:   seetexk.x86_64-darwin [28k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   semantic-markup    [274k]: local:    42374, source:    47837
update:   siunitx            [723k]: local:    47045, source:    47746
update:   skdoc              [301k]: local:    43170, source:    47526
update:   stix              [4357k]: local:    36914, source:    47652
update:   structmech         [148k]: local:    47351, source:    47859
update:   struktex           [841k]: local:    46873, source:    47931
update:   synctex.x86_64-darwin [72k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   synctex             [42k]: local:    47198, source:    48032
update:   t1utils.x86_64-darwin [44k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   t2                  [55k]: local:    47458, source:    47870
update:   tetex              [583k]: local:    47198, source:    47929
update:   tex.x86_64-darwin  [216k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   tex-gyre         [15075k]: local:    18651, source:    48025
update:   tex4ebook           [94k]: local:    47414, source:    47672
update:   tex4ht.x86_64-darwin [96k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   tex4ht             [899k]: local:    47437, source:    48002
update:   texdoc.x86_64-darwin [1k]: local:    29809, source:    47948
update:   texdoc             [151k]: local:    47446, source:    47946
update:   texlive-de         [649k]: local:    47442, source:    47592
update:   texlive-docindex   [237k]: local:    47424, source:    48049
update:   texlive-en        [1559k]: local:    47434, source:    47845
update:   texlive-fr        [1054k]: local:    47425, source:    47463
update:   texlive-msg-translations [110k]: local:    47433, source:    47921
update:   texlive-scripts    [116k]: local:    47368, source:    48035
update:   texware.x86_64-darwin [51k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   thesis-gwu         [505k]: local:    46524, source:    47795
update:   thucoursework      [652k]: local:    47227, source:    47781
update:   thuthesis         [1913k]: local:    46132, source:    47740
update:   tie.x86_64-darwin   [32k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   tikz-relay         [478k]: local:    46680, source:    48024
update:   tikzsymbols        [576k]: local:    45222, source:    47730
update:   tools             [5310k]: local:    47377, source:    47671
update:   toptesi           [5413k]: local:    46404, source:    47699
update:   tracklang          [963k]: local:    46703, source:    47704
update:   ttfutils.x86_64-darwin [413k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   turabian-formatting [124k]: local:    45700, source:    47796
update:   uantwerpendocs    [2221k]: local:    46786, source:    47732
update:   unicode-data       [229k]: local:    44711, source:    48003
update:   univie-ling       [2049k]: local:    46790, source:    47490
update:   updmap-map         [182k]: local:    46957, source:    47662
update:   uplatex            [893k]: local:    47376, source:    47536
update:   uptex.x86_64-darwin [6793k]: local:    47348, source:    47653
update:   uptex               [27k]: local:    46931, source:    47918
update:   velthuis.x86_64-darwin [14k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   venndiagram        [345k]: local:    40058, source:    47952
update:   visualtikz        [3869k]: local:    46386, source:    47888
update:   vlna.x86_64-darwin   [9k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   web.x86_64-darwin   [79k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   witharrows         [291k]: local:    46616, source:    47751
update:   xassoccnt         [1203k]: local:    46209, source:    47976
update:   xcharter          [1685k]: local:    46105, source:    47941
update:   xdvi.x86_64-darwin [526k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   xecjk             [1776k]: local:    47362, source:    47519
update:   xellipsis          [349k]: local:    42764, source:    47546
update:   xepersian         [1074k]: local:    46485, source:    48020
update:   xetex.x86_64-darwin [6957k]: local:    47348, source:    47653
update:   xetex              [594k]: local:    45931, source:    47536
update:   xetexko            [282k]: local:    47338, source:    47513
update:   xindy.x86_64-darwin [1928k]: local:    47165, source:    47653
update:   xint              [2761k]: local:    46870, source:    48040
update:   xltabular           [73k]: local:    45609, source:    47829
update:   xsavebox           [369k]: local:    47177, source:    47962
update:   xurl                [44k]: local:    46268, source:    47904
update:   yathesis          [4889k]: local:    42671, source:    47914
update:   zxjafont           [146k]: local:    37281, source:    47613
update:   zxjatype           [142k]: local:    44949, source:    47597
autoinst: bath-bst           [740k]: local: <absent>, source:    47507
autoinst: bezierplot         [256k]: local: <absent>, source:    47977
autoinst: biblatex-socialscienceshuberlin [112k]: local: <absent>, source:    47839
autoinst: cascade             [77k]: local: <absent>, source:    47532
autoinst: cellprops          [571k]: local: <absent>, source:    48023
autoinst: clrdblpg           [288k]: local: <absent>, source:    47511
autoinst: colophon           [378k]: local: <absent>, source:    47913
autoinst: competences          [8k]: local: <absent>, source:    47573
autoinst: cqubeamer         [2455k]: local: <absent>, source:    47630
autoinst: dsserif            [320k]: local: <absent>, source:    47570
autoinst: ecothesis          [334k]: local: <absent>, source:    48007
autoinst: endnotesj          [155k]: local: <absent>, source:    47703
autoinst: erw-l3             [463k]: local: <absent>, source:    47826
autoinst: gatherenum         [420k]: local: <absent>, source:    48051
autoinst: includernw         [158k]: local: <absent>, source:    47557
autoinst: kanaparser         [363k]: local: <absent>, source:    48052
autoinst: kurdishlipsum       [89k]: local: <absent>, source:    47518
autoinst: latex-via-exemplos [1640k]: local: <absent>, source:    48038
autoinst: libertinus-otf    [2212k]: local: <absent>, source:    48006
autoinst: lualatex-truncate   [66k]: local: <absent>, source:    47915
autoinst: luavlna             [95k]: local: <absent>, source:    47892
autoinst: manyind            [154k]: local: <absent>, source:    47574
autoinst: milsymb           [1530k]: local: <absent>, source:    47482
autoinst: modulus            [175k]: local: <absent>, source:    47599
autoinst: musikui            [423k]: local: <absent>, source:    47472
autoinst: onedown           [2055k]: local: <absent>, source:    47828
autoinst: padcount           [149k]: local: <absent>, source:    47621
autoinst: pdfoverlay         [540k]: local: <absent>, source:    47657
autoinst: postage            [308k]: local: <absent>, source:    47893
autoinst: powerdot-tuliplab [1252k]: local: <absent>, source:    47963
autoinst: stickstoo         [3107k]: local: <absent>, source:    47858
autoinst: stix2-otf         [1264k]: local: <absent>, source:    47549
autoinst: stix2-type1       [4425k]: local: <absent>, source:    47554
autoinst: texdate            [261k]: local: <absent>, source:    47878
autoinst: texdoctk.x86_64-darwin [1k]: local: <absent>, source:    29809
autoinst: texdoctk            [57k]: local: <absent>, source:    47978
autoinst: tlc-article        [112k]: local: <absent>, source:    47891
autoinst: xbmks              [282k]: local: <absent>, source:    48005
update:   collection-bibtexextra [2k]: local:    47407, source:    47839
update:   collection-binextra  [1k]: local:    47421, source:    47945
update:   collection-fontsextra [2k]: local:    46869, source:    47656
update:   collection-games     [1k]: local:    42992, source:    47828
update:   collection-langarabic [1k]: local:    46628, source:    47518
update:   collection-langjapanese [1k]: local:    46987, source:    47703
update:   collection-langportuguese [1k]: local:    30962, source:    47524
update:   collection-latexextra [6k]: local:    47224, source:    48051
update:   collection-luatex    [1k]: local:    47011, source:    48052
update:   collection-mathscience [2k]: local:    47351, source:    47532
update:   collection-pictures  [2k]: local:    47088, source:    47893
update:   collection-plaingeneric [1k]: local:    45805, source:    47878
update:   collection-publishers [2k]: local:    47227, source:    48007
update:   collection-xetex     [1k]: local:    45489, source:    47630

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