[tex-live] TLU update fails (non-corporate MacOS machine)

Uri Blumenthal uri at mit.edu
Fri Jun 22 04:31:44 CEST 2018

On Jun 21, 2018, at 21:44 , Adam R. Maxwell <amaxwell at mac.com> wrote:
> On Jun 21, 2018, at 17:52 , Uri Blumenthal <uri at mit.edu> wrote:
>> 2018-06-22 00:37:32 +0000 Notice -[TLMMainWindowController 
>> showWindow:][17403]	User has chosen to permanently ignore the GPG 
>> install alert
>> my question - how did TLU arrive at this conclusion, since there is no visible config option to do anything with GPG?
> At some point, you were prompted via an alert to install GPG. It has a checkbox option for users who are afraid to install it and don't want to be nagged each time TLU launches. You apparently checked the box to never see that warning again (though it will be reset for TL 2019).

I assure you this was not the case, because I’ve been running GPG since it was PGP by Phil Zimmerman (in fact was on the PGP Design Team when the Usenet post came about that Prof. Sinelnikov found weaknesses in PGP).

On the other hand, I do not want any app (including TLU) to install some weird version go GnuPG. 

How do I tell TLU to use /usr/local/MacGPG2/bin/gpg2? If worst comes to worst, for apps that are too inflexible I symlinked it to /usr/local/bin/gpg... 

> You need to reset it in Terminal:
> defaults delete com.googlecode.mactlmgr.tlu TLMDisableGPGAlertPreferenceKey

Thank you! Did that, and here’s the new log. Unfortunately, there are no updates available right now:

2018-06-22 02:22:20 +0000 Notice +[TLMEnvironment initialize][83368]	Welcome to TeX Live Utility 1.34, running under Mac OS X Version 10.13.5 (Build 17F77) with 4/4 processors active and 8.0 GB physical memory.
2018-06-22 02:22:20 +0000 Notice +[TLMEnvironment _checkProcessUmask][83368]	Process umask = 022
2018-06-22 02:22:20 +0000 Notice __TLMCheckWgetrc[83368]	*** WARNING *** ~/.wgetrc exists. If you encounter problems, ensure that it does not conflict with system proxy settings.
2018-06-22 02:22:20 +0000 Notice +[TLMEnvironment updateEnvironment][83368]	Setting up a new environment for /usr/local/texlive/2018…
2018-06-22 02:22:20 +0000 Notice +[TLMEnvironment updatePathEnvironment][83368]	Using PATH = "(
2018-06-22 02:22:20 +0000 Notice +[TLMEnvironment _checkSystemPythonMajorVersion:minorVersion:][83368]	Using python at '/usr/bin/python'
2018-06-22 02:22:20 +0000 Notice +[TLMEnvironment _checkSystemPythonMajorVersion:minorVersion:][83368]	Python version is 2.7.10 (default, Oct  6 2017, 22:29:07) 
[GCC 4.2.1 Compatible Apple LLVM 9.0.0 (clang-900.0.31)]
2018-06-22 02:22:20 +0000 Notice +[TLMEnvironment updateEnvironment][83368]	Nothing to update for /usr/local/texlive/2018
2018-06-22 02:22:20 +0000 Notice -[TLMDatabase _downloadDatabaseHead][83368]	Checking the repository version.  Please be patient.
2018-06-22 02:22:20 +0000 Notice -[TLMDatabase _downloadDatabaseHead][83368]	Downloading at least 2048 bytes of tlpdb for a version check…
2018-06-22 02:22:20 +0000 Notice -[TLMDatabase _downloadDatabaseHead][83368]	Downloaded 65536 bytes of tlpdb for version check
2018-06-22 02:22:20 +0000 Notice -[TLMEnvironment initWithInstallDirectory:][83368]	Looks like you're using TeX Live 2018
2018-06-22 02:22:20 +0000 Notice -[TLMEnvironment _checkForRootPrivileges][83368]	Root permission required for installation at /usr/local/texlive/2018
2018-06-22 02:22:20 +0000 Notice +[TLMEnvironment _logEnvironment][83368]	Current environment from /usr/bin/env:
2018-06-22 02:22:20 +0000 Notice -[TLMLogWindowController awakeFromNib][83368]	Loaded log window controller
2018-06-22 02:22:21 +0000 Notice -[TLMDatabase _reloadFromLocalFile][83368]	Reloading local tlpdb from file:///usr/local/texlive/2018/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb
2018-06-22 02:22:24 +0000 Notice -[TLMDatabase _reloadFromLocalFile][83368]	Took 3.03 seconds to reload local tlpdb
2018-06-22 02:22:24 +0000 Notice -[TLMDatabase _downloadDatabaseHead][83368]	Checking the repository version.  Please be patient.
2018-06-22 02:22:24 +0000 Notice -[TLMDatabase _downloadDatabaseHead][83368]	Downloading at least 2048 bytes of tlpdb for a version check…
2018-06-22 02:22:24 +0000 Notice -[TLMDatabase connection:willSendRequest:redirectResponse:][83368]	redirected request to http://ftp.math.purdue.edu/mirrors/ctan.org/systems/texlive/tlnet/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb
2018-06-22 02:22:28 +0000 Notice -[TLMDatabase _downloadDatabaseHead][83368]	Downloaded 4064 bytes of tlpdb for version check
2018-06-22 02:22:28 +0000 Notice -[TLMEnvironment _getValidServerURL:repositoryYear:fromURL:][83368]	Repository version appears to be 2018; a young TeX Live
2018-06-22 02:22:29 +0000 Notice -[TLMMainWindowController _refreshUpdatedPackageListFromLocation:][83368]	Refreshing list of updated packages…
2018-06-22 02:22:31 +0000 Notice -[TLMMainWindowController _paperSizeCheckTerminated:][83368]	System paper size = letter, pdftex paper size = letter
2018-06-22 02:22:34 +0000 Notice -[TLMOperation main][83368]	Successfully executed `/usr/local/texlive/2018/bin/x86_64-darwin/tlmgr --machine-readable --repository http://ftp.math.purdue.edu/mirrors/ctan.org/systems/texlive/tlnet/ update --list --all`

> The alert will read "This version of TeX Live allows you to check the digital signature of downloaded packages by installing GnuPG. For better security, you should enable this feature.”

I haven’t gotten any alert after running that command in Terminal and then invoking TLU.

> Sorry I can't help with updmap stuff, as I've never understood the proper incantations for the different trees. Norbert can probably decipher it easily…

No problem. Norbert is on the case, thankfully.

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