[tex-live] TLU update fails (non-corporate MacOS machine)

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Fri Jun 22 04:57:24 CEST 2018

> Do you mean each and every machine that I’m reporting problems on? Because there seem to be different problems on different machines. So if possible, I’d like to ask to keep these email threads separate.

Sorry, I don't have any idea which machine you are using when. I don't
care. If you have problems on multiple machines, please separate out the
parts according to the machines, I can't do that.

I see three problems:
* proxy/https
  that is fixed by updating to current texlive.infra
* updmap
  that is fixed by cleaning out TEXMFLOCAL/web2c/updmap.cfg
* fmtutil
  this is open

> On the other machine (a “corporate” one, where the formats don’t seem to exist) manual invocation of pdflatex on a simple test file fails.

Of course, because the formats have not been built.


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