[tex-live] CTAN packages and generated files

Manfred Lotz manfred at dante.de
Sun Sep 2 16:46:26 CEST 2018

Hi folks,
For packages uploaded to CTAN we have a policy that in a package we
don't like to have files which are generated by .ins or .dtx because we
want to avoid redundancy.

So we check for either   \generate{  \file{...}  ... } or
generateFile{..} to find those files we then would complain about.
Hope this is technically correct.

A notable exception is the case where the mandatory README file (which
actaually may be one of README, README.txt or README.md) is generated
by a .dtx or .ins. 

Now, my question:

It also could happen that an x.dtx contains a generate statement which
mentions x.ins. Perhaps, also the other way around. Dunno.

So, my thinking was if in x.dtx I find something like


I just ignore that because x.dtx and x.ins are always required to exist
as a pair. Otherwise LaTeX would complain when processing x.ins/x.dtx. 
Actually, this is the way checking takes place currently.

Is this correct?

Thanks, Manfred

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